...sketch pretty gowns into the wee hours of the night and watch romance movies with my big sister. And yes, I would always pause the VHS tape just so I could rewind it back to the kissing scenes. Annoying, right? Well, at least my sister thought so.

But my love of a good “chick flick” isn’t what initially sparked my passion for designing bridal gowns. It really all began with a vision. And if you’re curious, I invite you to scroll over to my blog. I explain just what I mean by “vision” in my first post.

I’ve spent nearly a decade in search of inspiration for my designs with the hope that my work echoes the uniqueness and inner beauty of every bride. This is essential to my core beliefs as the visionary behind Ren Nicole.

I believe every bride has a story to tell, and it’s best told through the gown she chooses to wear on her wedding day.

Today, I believe you’ve landed on this page because you have one too.

So, let me ask. What’s yours?

I’m here­­­ — ready to listen!