What My Eyes Have Seen

I always knew this day would find me. The signs were always there, but I didn’t realize today would be the day my destiny would become reality.

Let me explain:

It all began with a vision many years ago. I don’t recall the exact day it happened, but I remember being very young. I was probably around six or seven years old when this figure, noticeably a woman with a long veil covering her face, appeared to me. I could never make out her specific facial features or call her by name, but “she” would appear time and time again. It was as if I could reach out and touch her. Perhaps I just had an overactive imagination like many children, but it seemed all too real.

From a young age, the idea of someone being able to find and marry their true love always resonated with me. When you think about it, it’s really the most important part of the human experience. We all venture out to lead these busy lives during the day, but what we want most is simply to return home to the one we love.

Now some might say I’m just the typical hopeless romantic. But deep down, I know there’s always been a greater force pulling me in this direction. Over the years, I’ve come to understand the visions I had as a child. I now realize that it was no one other than Destiny. She found me as a little girl, before I even knew what it meant to be in love, and she’s been calling my name every since. So, I finally decided to answer.

Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh once said, “What is done in love is done well.”

The creation of this brand is a true reflection of my love for design. But more importantly, Ren Nicole represents my love for sharing the unique story deeply rooted inside of every bride.

It’s because of this that I dedicate every ounce of my curiosity, passion, and creativity to designing a collection that is merely a testament to the unique ancestry of countless love stories.

As I embark on this journey, I hope to inspire brides to embrace the very essence of who they are and own their individuality with impeccable style.

Lauren Robinson